Share your light


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

I’ve seen this quote a few times and I tried to search for its origin.  They say the exact wordings came from an explanatory comment on a Japanese book on Buddhism called “The Teaching of Buddha”.  (source:

I love this quote.  Why?  Because it does not matter what the candle looks like.  Was it old? in a beautiful candle holder? crooked?  with a few wax left?  All candles are made with a sole purpose…to share its light.

No matter how dark it is, you would be able to see a single candle’s glow from far away.  Its light, when shared, can never weaken the light coming from it…it can only shine brighter together with other lighted candles.  That unity with one another can make a dark space so bright, it would seem like its morning!  It cannot, however, shine any brighter on its own.

Needless to say, a candle is never really a candle if it was never lighted.  It cannot share its light if it doesn’t have a flame.  Let us awaken that fire within us.  Let us develop our connection with God through prayer.  He, of course, is the only true light.  He is the only one who can ignite that first spark in us and the reason why we will continue to shine bright, not just for ourselves, but also for others.  You see, when you light a candle, the first one benefited by that flame is that same candle.   One needs to shine on his own life first before it can truly inspire others.

We are all candles.  We were all made to shine bright.  Our life’s reason is to share that light.  Let us claim that purpose and challenge ourselves to be “someone’s light” everyday.

Then let us also recognize and be thankful for those who took the time and shared their own light to us.  Whether they know about it or not, they are a huge part of why we are who we are today.  They are the reason why we shine bright.

#shinebright #shareyourlight

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